Northern Bricks (EEK!)

EEK! is a comic and pop culture festival located in St Albert, Alberta, that features guest actors and artists as well as many displays and activities.

As part of EEK!, NALUG has had the opportunity to put on a multi-day LEGO convention and display entitled "Northern Bricks." With a whole arena full of creations to explore, there's something at Northern Bricks for everyone.

Northern Bricks 2018 Gallery

This year, NALUG had the privelage of putting on a LEGO display at the EEK comic and pop culture show in St. Albert. It was a smaller show than in years past, running for one day only, but we had a blast anyways! We had various items on display including a town, roller coasters, sci-fi creations, a massive brickheadz collection and more. As always, Laz's "Where's Waldo" was a crowd favorite with kids and adults alike.

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Northern Bricks 2016 Gallery

Northern Bricks was a blast this year with a full four days of LEGO goodness. From parts drafts, to competitions and the everstressful period of setup, we had a great time participating this year and bringing about an even larger layout than last time. From trains to sci-fi, technic or castle the show had something for everyone. It also featured a number of new, impressive creations including a massive A6 Juggernaut from starwars and an incredible Minecraft display. A huge thank you to everyone who came out to admire the displays and participate in the EEk! comic and pop culture fest along with Northern Bricks. We hope to be back next year.

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Northern Bricks 2015 Gallery

Well the craziness is over, the frantic hours of setup and teardown are passed, the crowds of people were more than pleased and all in all we had a blast! All of the members of NALUG pulled together to bring about the first lego convention in Western Canada full of games, crazy creations and much more. Throughout the weekend, we had the opportunity to participate and help run many activities such as blind builds, speed builds and purely creative ones. A big shoutout to Eric Mcallum who took the time to cooridnate all of the games and activities as well as bring down some huge Lego statues - they were awesome! We also had the chance to welcome a few members of SLUG (Saskatchewan Lego Users Group) who were all great guys to hang out with and had some serious lego skills to boot. As for displays, there was everything from castle, to trains to space and steampunk and mosaics that were impressive all around. Check out the pictures below and make sure to visit our gallery for more (with more photos still to come)!

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Northern Bricks 2014 Gallery

EEK! logoThis year, NALUG was excited to have the chance to run a display at EEK! Comic and Pop Culture Expo in St. Albert. Whether it be roaming 2372042 through the many booths at the expo or manning our own display, we all had a lot of fun. For our part, we created a display consisting of many themes such as Space, Star wars, Pirates, Town and others. One of the big hits from the dispay was Lazlo's "Where's Waldo" display, which kept many guests occupied as they looked for the one minifigure out of thousands that didn't match! there was also tons of people dressed in cool costumes that we got to meet and take pictures with. All in all, it was a great experience and we hope to be back next year.

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