NALUG had another stellar showing at the Great Edmonton Train Show this year, with some new additions such as an expanded theme park section and the return of the high level bridge among others. The entire layout came together, as always, with a flurry of ast minute adjustments and sighs of releif, but we managed not to lose too many Lego bricks in the process. Check out the photos below or our full gallery for some great pictures of the event!


    September 20-21 2014

    NALUG celebrated their 15th anniversary of displaying at the Great Edmonton Train Show this year and brought forth another fantastic showing. Our layout this year featured many returning lego masterpieces such as a massive mountain, and 1:1 minifigure scale space shuttle, but also featured an entirely new layout and features such as a Lego circus. On top of the wonderful display, we were also able to have the chance to talk with many different members of the public and hang out with each other - always an enjoyable experience. Making an excellent weekend even better, NALUG also won the people's choice award for the best layout! After all the hours of preparation, it's nice to know that others enjoy the hard work we invest into our hobby and we hope that maybe next year you'll be able to come out and enjoy it as well. 

  •  For more pictures head over to our GETS gallery!

    Great Edmonton Train Show 2012

    September 15-16, 2012

    NALUG returned for their thirteenth time to the Great Edmonton Train Show, with a new laypout featuring two new high-rises, an expanded circus, a large yard/industrial area, a resort and much more. We had a lot of fun throughout the weekend manning our display as well as engaging in conversation with folks walking by or each other. We look forward to returning next year as well.

  • If you'd like to see some more photos head over to the GETS gallery

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