October 26, 2014

    This fall, one of our NALUG members, Kristopher M, presented to a group of kids at Eaglemont church in Beaumont.  He had a blast throughout the presentation interacting with over 60 young, future master builders and working through the topic "Building with a Purpose".  Throughout the presentation he saw many jaws drop as he showed off what Nalug has done throughout the years as well as his "MetalBeard Crew"  MOCs. After the presentation there was an interview questionnaire where the organizer interviewed Kristopher and asked him some questions in regards to Lego, after which the kids had a chance to ask questions as well. To finish off the presentation, there was a "Build your own mini-fig session"  with the children. They all had a chance to build themselves and over 60 min figs were built! This was definitely an amazing opportunity and most of all privilege to have been invited to take part in this event.



    August 7-9 2014

    This past weekend, NALUG had the privelege of running a display at Animethon - a massive Japanese animation (anime)-themed convention held in downtown Edmonton. The event was quite enjoyable and we had a steady stream of visitors past our display booth throughout the weekend. It was always fun hearing people's expressions of sheer joy and amazement as they rounded the corner and saw Chris and Scott's gigantic display of Mordor from Lord of the Rings; there were quite a few people dropping their jaws! We also got to enjoy seeing plenty of people dressed up in crazy costumes for the event, most of which we didn't recognize, but which were still awesome. All in all, we had a great time at the event and hope to come back next year for more!

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    Every month one member of NALUG is chosen to run a display at the local Lego store. It's always an honour to have your creations shown at the Lego store and we're quite thankful to Lego for this awesome opportunity!

    Store Display Gallery

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    June - September 2013

    The Provincial Archives of Alberta did a display on the High Level Bridge, and so contacted us about displaying our model as part of that. It was on display there from June 3 through until September 20, 2013. The Archives are open to the public during the day Monday - Saturday, and on Wednesday evenings. Our display also included the Dudley B. Menzies Bridge (the Light Rail Transit, LRT bridge). This was the first public display of Andrew's new riverbanks. The Achives staff estimate that about 1200 people saw the display while it was there.

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