In February- prairie railroad workshop hosted their 31st annual All Aboard Train Show. Some of the members of NALUG went down for the weekend where Andrew, Drew and Kris represented Edmonton for the non-scale category in the Train show. The members arrived on the Friday afternoon and they quickly began construction of the layout- from 3pm til 10pm. We had to get it done in time for Saturday! When morning arrived, it was early, with our team heading to the show two hours early to place the finishing touches... or at least get the trains running. It was a lot of work, but we managed to have everything set up. Of course, since we’re all perfectionists, there was continuous “improvement” of the display during the show. 


  • The turnout for the show was incredible with hundreds of people showing up to see our display booth. During the show- we met the Saskatchewan Lego Users Group who also had a non-scale train display for the show. SLUG's layout had an amazing mash-up of themes looked fantastic. After the show, there was a celebration dinner along with an award ceremony where NALUG won runner-up in the non-scale category! After dinner, SLUG's invited our members to a friendly get-together. 


    Sunday, quickly rolled along and it was by far one of the longest days and by the end most of the members were burned out. But before we knew it, it was tear down. Tearing down is always easier than setting up, and after a few hours we were on our way back to Edmonton for a timely arrival around midnight.


    Overall, it was amazing experience. Despite the weather and road conditions, our members had fun; They got chance to see other LUG's in Canada and meet amazing builders. It's definitely something to look forward to again next year.


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    Over the past couple of months, some of NALUG's members had the opportunity to be involved in some building workshops where they worked with and hopefully inspired some of the future builders of tomorrow.

  • For more pictures feel free to check out the galleries for Grandin School as well as the Morinville Workshop

    At Grandin School in December, Kris and Nic kicked things up with building some competitions for the kids. First, there was a Mixel building completion where each kid got a chance to have a series #2 Mixel and make another mixel out of it.  It was so cool what some of the kids came up with- they were super incredible!

    The other competition was a speed build.  It started off with the kids building a smaller set like the Emerald Express or Red Thunder- they had 10 minutes to build them and the top 4 fastest builder moved on to the finals. For the finals the winners built the Halloween Bat as fast as they could. All in all, there were many prizes and no one was left out- everyone had fun! What topped it off was hearing the kids ask our members “will you be back again next week?”  

    This past January, one of our members, Tim, had the chance to run a building workshop with a local LEGO club in Morinville Alberta. Things started off with the kids being challenged to spell their own names out of Lego bricks. It was awesome to see the many different ways that there were to use Lego to create the same letters from building sideways to studs up or backwards. After that, the kids got their build on with a competition to build the tallest tower that they could within a certain time limit. The competition was intense as there was a custom build LEGO Kirby on the line for the tallest tower. With many spectacular structual collapses and some ingenuity to keep on going, one tower emerged victorious, but the all of the kids learned a bunch about what goes into building anything on a large scale from LEGO bricks. The event was such a success that it even got its own newspaper feature in the local Morinville paper!

    We all had a ton of fun at both events and if time and resources allow, we may have the chance to participate in some more in the future!

    To celebrate the end of the year, NALUG teamed up with Enbridge  for the New Year’s Festival down at the Festival Place in Sherwood Park. Our display communicated Enbridge's slogan of "Life Takes Energy" by depicting the energy coming from a refinery plant making its way from the city to the small rural communities all around Alberta and we threw in a bit of fun, by creating a game for our guests as well! Each guest got to participate in a small scavenger hunt throughout our Lego display to identify certain minifigures, which was a huge hit! All the families and 500 or so guests that came through our display were blown away by the town and all the moving models we had created.  One of the highlights of the night was when Kris M. and Fred W. had a chance to meet Sherwood Park's mayor- Roxanne Carr -they even got a hug! Overall, it was an amazing night full of excitement and solid fun. We would like to thank Enbridge for this opportunity and we hope to be back again next year. And speaking of new years, we’re looking forward to many more awesome shows in the coming months. 2015 here we come!

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    For over 10 years- NALUG and the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) have been teaming up and this year were back! FLL took place at the NAIT campus main building from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Teams from all over Alberta came to compete in the First Lego League and NALUG was invited as exhibitioners in the main Lobby. Our member Kris and Trevor came to represent NALUG and they wowed the audience with some of the robotic creations that they brought. NALUG was also there to talk about the upcoming event Northern Bricks.

    Northern Bricks is sponsored by EEK! and will be the first LEGO fan convention to be held in western Canada. We were inviting the teams to come along and show off their robots during the event. So If you haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet- click on the link Sign up now to participate! 

    Overall, it another awesome show put on by NALUG and with the help of the FLL organizers we even got to talk about Northern Bricks at the closing ceremony and we hope that most of the teams will make it out and participate at the event in May. Throughout the weekend, it was great talking to all of the teams and seeing the amazing things that youth are capable of. It's definitely remarkable as well as inspiring to see what they built and the dreams they have for the future. We would to thank FLL again for all their help and for inviting NALUG back. See you again next year!  

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    This past month, Guru Digital Arts College invited NALUG to take part in “Enlightened Fall”. Enlightened Fall is a networking event, embracing interactivity across a variety of cultures. “Create a spark! Spark up a conversation! Spark your imagination!“ - was the theme for the night. NALUG was asked to showcase projects that allowed the audience to interact with the pieces of art and the members of NALUG engaged the audience by charming them with their passion for Lego. We also had special guest, a Lego artist from Calgary: Eric MacCallum. He dazzled and awed the audience with his amazing Lego sculptures, and we must admit- his Lego Mario was pretty amazing-you should check him out! Now these events don’t always go as smoothly as planned and we had a slight mishap with one of Eric’s sculptures, but thankfully, he managed to put it back in one piece. Overall, it was an amazing night filled with memorable conversations, delicious food, amazing performances and the occasional comedic accidents. We’re very thankful that GDAC has gave us another opportunity to take part again in this excellent event. We hope to see you again next year! 

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