Building Workshops

The other competition was a speed build.  It started off with the kids building a smaller set like the Emerald Express or Red Thunder- they had 10 minutes to build them and the top 4 fastest builder moved on to the finals. For the finals the winners built the Halloween Bat as fast as they could. All in all, there were many prizes and no one was left out- everyone had fun! What topped it off was hearing the kids ask our members “will you be back again next week?”  

This past January, one of our members, Tim, had the chance to run a building workshop with a local LEGO club in Morinville Alberta. Things started off with the kids being challenged to spell their own names out of Lego bricks. It was awesome to see the many different ways that there were to use Lego to create the same letters from building sideways to studs up or backwards. After that, the kids got their build on with a competition to build the tallest tower that they could within a certain time limit. The competition was intense as there was a custom build LEGO Kirby on the line for the tallest tower. With many spectacular structual collapses and some ingenuity to keep on going, one tower emerged victorious, but the all of the kids learned a bunch about what goes into building anything on a large scale from LEGO bricks. The event was such a success that it even got its own newspaper feature in the local Morinville paper!

We all had a ton of fun at both events and if time and resources allow, we may have the chance to participate in some more in the future!