2014 New Years Social

NewYearFor the third time, Andrew, one of our members hosted his annual close-to-New Year's social and it was a blast! Over the course of the evening different club members filtered in along with a few new additions to the club and at one point there were over thirty people filling up every nook and cranny of the house. During the social we took part in a couple of parts drafts of discounted Lone Ranger sets, which left everyone with a good pile of loot to bring home for the holidays. Additionally, we ran an intense and exciting "build in the bag" speed contest with a small creator set. Bulding in a bag is far harder than it sounds, but eventually the speediest contestants successfuly completed their builds to claim their prizes. With the social behind us, we're looking forward to another great year of Lego building, different shows and events as well as many more meetings!

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